Family Support and Well Being

Support for children and their families



Mrs Holt Miller is our ELSA (Emotional literacy support assistant).  She helps children with their social skills, building relationships, anger management, understanding their emotions, anxiety, sadness, loss and bereavement.

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Home School Link Worker (HSLW) Suzie Reed

Suzie can offer parents support

  • in a wide range of issues that can impact family life, e.g. illness, separation, domestic violence or bereavement
  • offer support for their child’s behavioural issues at home.
  • offer support regarding attendance and punctuality

Suzie can offer children support

  • For children who have problems with expressing emotions, e.g anger
  • For children who are withdrawn or anxious
  • For children who experience difficulties at home

Suzie can also assist with communication between school staff, parents and outside agencies.


Dorking Nursery

The Dorking Nursery School and Children’s Centre’s two sites, are friendly and welcoming places where families can access a range of services for children from birth to age 5

They run a range of courses and workshops e.g Understanding children’s behaviour (5 week course), anxiety workshop with a creche, Post Natal Depression (PND) support group, toilet training workshop, positive play.

They also host activities that maybe suitable for younger siblings, e.g Under 5s stay and play, baby massage.

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CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.  CAMHS are the NHS services that assesses and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

CAMHS support covers depression, problems with food, self-harm, abuse, violence or anger, bipolar, schizophrenia and anxiety, to name a few.

CAMHS services are made up of nurses, therapists, pyschologists, support workers and social workers aswell as other professionals.

Local Offer Website

Supports SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ) children




IN SCHOOL  – Drop in Sessions / Workshops

“Sleep Soundly” workshop – literature

Parent Drop in Session – “Sleep Soundly”



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